Do Trading Strategies Stop Working?

Do Trading Strategies Stop Working? by Kirubakaran Rajendran- Ignite Mumbai

Instructor: Kirubakaran Rajendran

Language: English

Course Duration: 41 min 84 sec




In this course, you will explore the dynamic nature of trading strategies and learn whether they have a finite lifespan. Gain insights into the factors that cause strategies to become obsolete and discover methods to adapt and evolve your trading approach. By understanding the reasons behind strategy failure and learning how to navigate changing market conditions, you will be better equipped to build robust and successful trading strategies.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the lifespan of trading strategies
  • Identify reasons for strategy failure
  • Learn how to adapt and evolve your trading approach
  • Navigate changing market conditions
  • Build robust and successful trading strategies

Uncover the truth about trading strategy longevity and equip yourself with the skills to adapt and succeed in changing markets.

Meet Our Mentor

Kirubakaran Rajendran

Founder -, Systematic Trader.

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