Foundation Program in Futures and Options

Foundation Program in Futures and Options

Live Cohort-based Programs

Instructor: Nainesh Thakkar

Language: English & Hindi

₹4,999 ₹2,999

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Unlock the future of success with our exhilarating Options Odyssey course! Dive into the world of financial possibilities and discover the art of strategic decision-making. From soaring stocks to calculated risks, this immersive journey will equip you with the skills to navigate the ever-changing market landscape and seize opportunities like never before. Prepare to blaze a trail to financial freedom with our cutting-edge curriculum and set your sights on a future brimming with endless possibilities!

What will you learn

  • Understanding Basics of Options
  • Risk and management of risk related to the trading of Futures and Options contracts.
  • Learning about Option Greeks 
  • Various Option Strategies to Trade in Directional and Non- Directional Strategies
  • Understanding Strategies of Super Traders 


Additional Privileges

Access Recording

6 months access to the recordings of the live course

Community Access

You will be part of a gated community channel on discord where you will learn from your peers and experts.

1-on-1 Mentorship

Get all your doubts solved with mentors and experts anytime of the week.

Live Classes

Live 2/week session for live trading and Market update/ Doubt solving

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