Intraday Options Selling Strategy

Intraday Options Selling Strategy by Vishal Mehta- Ignite Mumbai

Instructor: Vishal Mehta

Language: English & Hindi

Course Duration: 37 min 69 sec




Learn the art of selling intraday options and maximize your profits with this comprehensive strategy course. Discover proven techniques and principles to identify trading opportunities, set effective entry and exit points, and manage risk in real-time market situations. Gain the skills and confidence to generate consistent income by selling options on the same day they expire.

Key Highlights:

  • Maximize profits through intraday options trading
  • Identify trading opportunities in real-time
  • Set effective entry and exit points
  • Manage risk to minimize potential losses

Master the art of intraday options selling to boost your trading profits.

Meet Our Mentor

Vishal Mehta

Founder -
Global Director of CMT association.

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