Momentum Investing and Portfolio Hedging

Momentum Investing and Portfolio Hedging

Instructor: Rishikesh Singh

Language: English and Hindi




This course on Momentum Investing and Portfolio Hedging provides a comprehensive understanding of momentum investing strategies and how to effectively hedge investment portfolios. Gain insights into identifying trends and using momentum indicators to select high-potential stocks or securities. Learn various hedging techniques to mitigate the risk associated with market fluctuations and protect portfolio value. Explore case studies and real-world examples to reinforce concepts and develop a practical approach to momentum investing and portfolio hedging.

Key Highlights:

  • Master momentum investing strategies
  • Learn to identify trends and use momentum indicators
  • Implement effective portfolio hedging techniques
  • Mitigate risk and protect portfolio value
  • Explore real-world case studies
  • Develop a practical approach to momentum investing and hedging

What you will learn:

  • Understanding Momentum Investing
    Learn the basics of momentum investing and how it can be used to identify securities with high growth potential.
  • Momentum Indicators and Trend Identification
    Explore various momentum indicators and techniques for accurately identifying trends in the market.
  • Implementing Momentum Strategies
    Discover effective methods for implementing momentum strategies and constructing a well-diversified portfolio.
  • Introduction to Portfolio Hedging
    Understand the importance of portfolio hedging and how it can protect investments from market downturns.
  • Hedging Techniques and Risk Management
    Learn different hedging techniques such as options, futures, and derivatives to manage portfolio risk effectively.
  • Case Studies and Real-World Examples
    Analyze real-life case studies and examples to gain practical insights into momentum investing and portfolio hedging.

Enhance your investing strategy with momentum techniques and portfolio hedging

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