Option Strategies

Option Strategies

Instructor: Vishal Mehta-CMT, Spandan Vyas and Jyoti Budhia

Language: English & Hindi

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The Options Strategies course is a specialized program led by seasoned traders who serve as mentors throughout the course. This comprehensive training focuses on equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize options in their trading strategies. The course covers a wide range of topics, including both directional and non-directional options strategies. Participants will learn how to construct and analyze strategies such as covered calls, protective puts, straddles, strangles, iron condors, and more. Emphasis will also be placed on risk management techniques specific to options trading, enabling participants to mitigate potential losses and maximize potential gains. By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of options strategies and be equipped to make informed trading decisions in the options market

Key Highlights

  • Learn From Master Traders
  • Minimizing loss and Maximising Profits using options
  • Use of Option chain, Greeks

What will you learn

  1. Directional Options Strategies: Participants will learn how to implement directional options strategies, such as long calls/puts and vertical spreads, to profit from anticipated price movements in underlying assets. They will understand how to select the appropriate strategy based on market conditions and effectively manage risk.
  2. Non-Directional Options Strategies: The course will cover non-directional options strategies like iron condors, butterflies, and calendar spreads. Participants will learn how to generate profits in neutral or range-bound markets by combining different options contracts and strike prices.
  3. Risk Management in Options Trading: Emphasis will be placed on risk management techniques specific to options trading, including position sizing, setting stop-loss orders, and implementing protective measures. Participants will learn how to assess and manage the risk associated with different options strategies.
  4. Options Greeks and Analysis: Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of options Greeks, including delta, gamma, theta, and vega. They will learn how to analyze and interpret these metrics to assess the risk and potential profitability of options positions.
  5. Advanced Options Strategies: The course will explore advanced options strategies such as ratio spreads, synthetic positions, and option combinations. Participants will understand how to use these strategies to create unique risk-reward profiles and adapt to various market conditions.

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